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Beldex coin

Beldex is an utility based privacy enabled coin, cryptographically secured. It is anonymous, secure and the performance is very effective in all crypto aspects.

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Beldex Exchange

To utilize the benefits of block chain for improving efficiency, many Decentralized Applications "DApps" will be launched in various service industries.

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With distributed ledger technology, the taxi industry peaks up with just few clicks in your smart phone or tablet from your comfort zone very easily.

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We have evolved to get into an Artificial Intelligence Exchange with its unique features including autonomous agents, peer resource finder etc.

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BELDEX provides a flexible debit card, interconnected with some of the established payment gateways for making payments anywhere in the world.

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Our Team

Mrs.Rehana Binti Zakaria is an eminent financier with an experience of 25 years. A blockchain enthusiast and has owned several startups that deals with latest technological advancements. Areas included in venture capital raising, Angel investment of start-ups, Business planning.

Mrs. Rehana Binti Zakaria

Mr. Kim Hallend is a professional in finance, investment and asset management with more than 15 years of experience. He has extensive interest and played a major role in a number of online projects in the field of algorithmic trade, risk management system, and crisis management.

Mr. Kim Hallend @ Liew Kang Loon

Mr. Marcus Foo takes care of development, implementation, monitoring and reviewing of a business strategy that maximises the retail net profit by driving sales and controlling costs at regional level.

Mr. Marcus Foo

Our ceo message


Dear Contributors hope this puts a smile on your face, however, have you never wished if your coins had superpowers? Well now they do, we have ensured that we employ the latest technology for our coins. Our coins are more secure than its predecessor and provider of the highest form of anonymity.
And who doesn’t want to be a true friend of anonymity? With latest Blockchain Technology it’s totally possible as it is the hard fork of most promising coin. Beldex coins combine privacy with the option to choose your transaction. A privacy-enabled coin tech.
Now, you know what made us stay out of touch for a short while, we were ensuring that you get the best of what you have contributed for. And soon we will be listing in major exchanges, and you will be free to transact and trade with ultimate anonymity. Your contribution is going to make you very happy. That we Promise.

Road Map

2018 - Q1

Product Inception & Planning from market requirement analysis

2018 - Q2

Pre ICO preperation. Public crowd sale. Bounting programme launch

2018 - Q3

Beldex Wallet Launch

2018 - Q4

Implemented cryptonote algorithm & Listing on public exchanges

2019 - Q1

Start of Beldex Exchange Development

2019 - Q2

Beldex Exchange Release

2019 - Q3

Launch of Beltrips, a decentralized cab aggregator service

2019 - Q4

Launch of Belneeds, a Blockchain based delivery service management suite

2020 - Q1

Crypto Card Launch

Our Organization

BELDEX is an organization that aims to provide global service to the crypto users about the seeming possibilities of a smarter crypto space. As pioneers in the crypto asset and management, we take pride in offering the largest platform in the block chain venture ecosystem.

At BELDEX, we are dedicated in providing excellent service towards security, global payment and user-friendly. Our code value focuses on performing in-depth analysis for providing accurate and useful information for crypto currency investors, not only for regular traders but also for newbie's too.

General Questions

BELDEX coin is a privacy coin which uses RingCT coin algorithm. It is totally untraceable and secure.
BELDEX exchange is a hybrid exchange platform that offers the security of funds, transparency and resolves liquidity issues. The transactional fee is very less in BELDEX exchange platform.
The crypto debit cards are trending in the market for because it can be used globally for free with a low commission and has multiple uses.
We, at BELDEX, have a working prototype of our ICO which is a major deal breaker for many contributors. This sets us apart from the rest of the market.

Latest News

01   Dec

Beldex Raises The Bar For Crypto Organisations

In the constant effort to stay on top of the crypto game, Beldex has yet again done what other cryptocurrency companies have failed to do. Beldex has gained the trust of the crypto community by exhibiting great potential in its ideas and coin. The company has garnered a huge fan following and has a monumental support in the form of a widely expanding community that has started to view Beldex as a crypto leader.

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14   Aug

Beldex-The final Call…

Why Invest on Beldex coins? Right from public transactions to private untraceable ones. BDX coins offer complete anonymity when you need it. Investing on them is the right choice for you because you get the utility element with it.

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22   Nov

A Complete Decentralized Crypto Ecosystem

Big Data and Blockchain Technology has changed the way we live our lives. As a result of the continuous hard work of the Beldex team, they have succeeded in creating a cross-functional and “outside the box” platform. They have enhanced the already existing cryptocurrency ecosystem into something more special.

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